Training & Consultation

Our training and consultation services are customized to fit your needs and to optimize your experience.

The training and consultation packages may be applied in individual consultations and/or in workshop sessions.  During these individual or group sessions, we will cover a variety of qualitative research related content such as

• Qualitative approaches in research,
• Data collection and analysis methods,
• Qualitative research ethics,
• Ensuring quality and rigour in qualitative analysis and
• Research project management.

To this end, we developed in collaboration with other qualitative researchers, different workshops to empower individuals and organizations in the different stages of the qualitative research process.

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Preparation for post-graduate studies

Committing to post-graduate studies can be very challenging. We aim to better equip prospective and enrolled students to successfully complete their studies.

Data collection

We provide individuals and organization with training and development opportunities to acquire or improve qualitative research skills to collect ethical and trustworthy data for research projects. As part of our services we also assist researchers and students to gather the data in an ethical manner, in line with the guidelines suggested by the Department of Health (DoH, 2015).

Data analysis

As part of our training and consultation services, we present workshops to assist researchers and students to analyse their data using qualitative methods.  We also act as peer reviewers and co-coders to ensure the trustworthiness of the data collected.

Research project management.

We provide researchers, and organizations with their research project management. Our services include but are not limited to: budget management, data management and research project administration.