What we do

We offer a wide variety of services to help you plan and execute your research ethically and rigorously. Take a look at some of our services below. We offer custom packages as well. Feel free to contact us to find out how we could best assist you!

Thesis Coaching

Doing research is not always easy. Sometimes we all just need a helping hand. We are here to help you identify your strengths and manage your growth and development while you are on your research journey. Be it assisting with a specific aspect, or just being there as a sound board. We have you covered!

Research Design

Designing your research project to reach your goals can be exciting but sometimes challenging. Designing your research may involve different aspects of the research process, i.e., finding a worthy research topic, choosing the methods that will best assist you to find answers to your questions and writing up your ideas in a proposal. We will guide you to make the right decisions for YOU.

Data Collection

Collecting and gathering stories and information is an important part of your research journey. Finding the right methods to get valuable information is therefore key. We guide you and offer different packages to facilitate your data collection process with ease!

Data Analysis

How you go about using the information and stories you have gathered could make or break a research project. There are various software packages out there that could help you to manage your data and to analyse the information is a rigorous manner. We offer our clients an opportunity to learn more about the software while enhancing their transferable critical thinking skills in a research context.

Report Writing

An important aspect to all research projects is writing your research report (thesis or dissertation). It is however not always easy to keep your voice while writing academic works. We will help you to ensure that you deliver a quality report that reflects your researcher voice.