Why choose us?

We tailor our services to your research needs to optimize your experience. We specialize in helping students and organizations to bridge the knowledge gap as well as develop your academic and research skills.

Our Vision

Our aim is to provide our clients with sound research consulting services in the area of qualitative research, helping analyse research problems and to develop practical solutions.

Our Story

We love trees. No matter how small their beginning, they can develop and grow into something complex and beautiful. They also inspire us to grow. Planting a tree in your garden is a metaphor for qualitative research. Healthy trees just do not grow on their own. If you want a healthy tree, you should put in the effort to help the tree to grow. In qualitative research, people and their stories help us to understand the world around us and inspire change.  As with trees, trustworthy research will benefit all and promote social justice.

This is what we do, we help you to identify the tree you want (research ideas), and how to take care of this tree (methodology) so it will bear fruit (dissemination of results).  Let us enable you to plant your own research trees that thrive.