Our key services include:

Data analysis

• Choosing the correct method
• Learning how to use analysis software
• Learning how to code
• Learning how to find patterns in your data
• Learning how to share your research story

Research Design

• Developing worthy research ideas
• Choosing the right methods for you
• Writing your proposal

Data collection

• Learning how to use your methods well
• Collecting data with you

Report Findings

• Learning report writing skills
• Critical reading

Why Choose Us?

We tailor our services to your educational and research needs to optimize your experience. We specialize in helping students and organizations discover their own voice, bridging the knowledge gap as well as developing your academic and research skills in different contexts.

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Contact us, as we are happy to answer any questions you have and help you achieve your academic goals.

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Contantia Park, Pretoria (0181)
Telephone: +27(0) 82 885 2982

E-mail: info@inquireqrc.co.za | Sandra@inquireqrc.co.za
Website: www.inquireqrc.co.za


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